Contributions to the phytography of the New Hebrides and Loyalty Islands, from Mr. F. A. Campbell's collections.

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Contr. Phytogr. New Hebrides
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p. [ i ]-30. Reprinted from F. A. Campbell, A year in the New Hebrides. Appendix. Additional information on publication date: The available evidence suggests that the complete volume was published in January 1874, although its preface is dated December 1873. Neither the volume to which this is appended, nor Mueller's piece itself, is dated. However, we know from a letter that Mueller wrote to Joseph Hooker on 1 December 1873 that he enclosed a copy of the Appendix, which is separately paginated and has a distinct 'title page'. It is found in libraries in that form as well as part of the complete volume. The copy now in the National Library of Australia as a separate is inscribed To his Excellency Sir Henry Barkly, K.C.B., F.R.S., from the writer, Dec. 1873; It appears that the distribution to Hooker, at least, makes the 'effective publication' date December 1873. It is likely that other copies were sent to other botanical correspondents in December, although Asa Gray's copy was enclosed with a letter of 1 January 1874, since the copies ' came by a few hours too late into my hands for being forwarded by last months mail'.
Mueller, F.
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