Echinocactus uruguayensis Arechav.

, Anales Mus. Nac. Montevideo 5: 218, pl. 14 (1905).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Anales del Museo Nacional de Montevideo. Montevideo
5: 218, pl. 14
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Type Information

Distribution Of Types
Uruguay (Southern South America, Southern America)


Basionym of
Gymnocalycium hyptiacanthum subsp. uruguayense (Arechav.) Mereg., Cactaceae Syst. Init. 24: 24 (2008).
Nomenclatural link
Gymnocalycium uruguayense Britton & Rose, Cactaceae (Britton & Rose) 3: 162, fig. 172 (1922).
Same citation as
Echinocactus uruguayensis Arechav., Anales Mus. Nac. Montevideo v. 218.