Malus xiaojinensis M.H.Cheng & N.G.Jiang

, J. Southw. Agric. Col. 4: 53 (-55; figs. 1-3) (1983).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Journal of Southwestern Agricultural College. Chongqing
4: 53 (-55; figs. 1-3)
Date of Publication
Nov 1983
Family as entered in IPNI

Type Information

Distribution Of Types
Xiaojing Xian, 2800-3000 m
Maerkang Xian, 2700 m
Li Xian, 2600 m, Sichuan (China, Asia-Temperate)


invalid name (holotype not indicated); type data cited as: (Q. Shi 127, 128; Y. Luo 2001) in Herb. Dept. Hort. South-Western Agri. Coll. Chongqing.


Basionym of
Malus baccata var. xiaojinensis (M.H.Cheng & N.G.Jiang) Ponomar., Sborn. Nauchn. Trudov Prikl. Bot. Genet. Selekts. 146: 8 (1992), nom. inval.