Calanthe R.Br.

, Bot. Reg. 7: ad t. 573 ('578') (1821), nom. cons.
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Botanical Register; Consisting of Coloured Figures of Exotic Plants Cultivated in British Gardens; with their History and Mode of Treatment. London
7: ad t. 573 ('578')
Date of Publication
1 Oct 1821
Family as entered in IPNI

Type Information

Type Name
C. veratrifolia Ker-Gawler (Bot. Reg. 9: ad t. 720. 1 Jul 1823), nom. illeg. (Limodorum veratrifolium Willdenow, nom. illeg., C. triplicata (Willemet) O. Ames (Philipp. J. Sci. 2: 326. 15 Jul 1907 ('triplicatis')) (Orchis triplicata Willemet)

Nomenclatural Notes

Status: nom. cons. against Alismorkis Thouars, ref. 1631, ICBN (1988)


Same citation as
Calanthe R.Br., Bot. Reg. 7: sub t. 573 (1821).
Same citation as
Calanthe Ker Gawl., Edwards's Botanical Register 7 (1821).
Hybrid Parent
× Caletilla J.M.H.Shaw, Orchid Rev. Suppl., 123(1309): 23 (2015).