Nasa dillonii Weigend

, Nordic J. Bot. 20(1): 18 (-20; fig. 2) (2000).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Nordic Journal of Botany. Copenhagen
20(1): 18 (-20; fig. 2)
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Type Information

Collector Team
J.Santisteban, Dillon, D.,M.O.Dillon, A.Sagástegui Alva, P.Alcorn, Guzmán, S.Leiva G.O.Téllez V. 4416
Type Herbaria
holotype F
isotype HUT
isotype MO
isotype US
Distribution Of Types
Prov. Santa Cruz, Distr. Catache: Upper Rio Zaña Valley, 5 km above Monte Seco on path to Chorro Blanco, near the waterfall, 1500-2000 m, Cajamarca (Peru, Western South America, Southern America)


[Gandhi 19 May 2000]


Same citation as
Nasa dillonii Weigend, Nordic J. Bot. 20(1): 18 (2000) (2000).
Validated by
Nasa dillonii Weigend, Revista Peru. Biol. 13(1): 74 (2006).