Stenocereus peruvianus R.Kiesling

, Darwiniana 24: 446 (1982), nom. illeg.
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Darwiniana; Carpeta del Darwinion. Buenos Aires
24: 446
Date of Publication
Jul 1982
Family as entered in IPNI

Nomenclatural Notes

Status: nom. illeg. nom. superfl.


Kiesling treated Cereus peruvianus Mill. as not based on Cactus peruvianus L. and cited Miller's species as the basionym of his Stenocereus peruvianus. [Contrary to Kiesling's belief, Cereus peruvianus is based on Cactus peruvianus.] Kiesling referred to, among others, Cereus hystrix Salm-Dyck as a synonym.


Replaced synonym
Cereus hystrix Salm-Dyck, Observ. Bot. Horto Dyck. [3]: 7 (1822).
Same citation as
Stenocereus peruvianus R.Kiesling, Darwiniana 24(1–4): 446 (1982): (1982), nom. illeg.