Sicydium lindheimeri var. tenuisectum A.Gray

, Smithsonian Contr. Knowl. 3(5): 75 (1852).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Species Name
Sicydium lindheimeri A.Gray, Boston J. Nat. Hist. 6: 194 (-195) (1850).
Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge. Washington, DC
3(5): 75
Family as entered in IPNI

Type Information

Distribution Of Types
Texas, New Mexico, United States of America (Northern America)


Basionym of
Ibervillea lindheimeri var. tenuisecta (A.Gray) M.C.Johnst., Wrightia 2: 251 (1963).
Basionym of
Ibervillea tenuisecta (A.Gray) Small, Fl. S.E. U.S. [Small]. 1136, 1338 (1903).
Nomenclatural link
Ibervillea tenuisecta (A.Gray) Small