Rumex paucifolius Nutt.

, J. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia 7: 49 (1834).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, PA
7: 49
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Type Information

Collector Team
T. Nuttall s.n.
Near Flat-Head River, Rocky Mts.
Type Herbaria
holotype PH?
Distribution Of Types
United States of America (Northern America)


S. Watson (Botany [Fortieth Parallel] 314. 1871) republished the same name and referred to Nuttall's ms in the Gray Herbarium.


Basionym of
Acetosa paucifolia (Nutt.) Á.Löve, Rit Landbúnaoard. Atvinnud. Háskólans, B no. 3: 107 (1948).
Basionym of
Acetosa paucifolia (Nutt.) Á.Löve, in Rep. Univ. Inst. Appl. Sci., Reykjavik, Dept. Agric., Ser. B No. 3, 107(1948).
Basionym of
Acetosella paucifolia (Nutt.) Á.Löve, Taxon 35(3): 612 (1986): (1986).
Nomenclatural link
Acetosa paucifolia (Nutt.) Á.Löve
Same citation as
Rumex paucifolius Nutt.