Listera convallarioides f. trifolia P.M.Br.

, N. Amer. Native Orchid J. 1(1): 11 (1995).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Species Name
Listera convallarioides (Sw.) Nutt. ex Elliott, Sketch Bot. S. Carolina [Elliott] 2(5): 494 (1823).
North American Native Orchid Journal. Brighton, MA (USA)
1(1): 11
Family as entered in IPNI

Type Information

Distribution Of Types
Newfoundland &
Labrador (Canada)


Basionym of
Neottia convallarioides f. trifolia (P.M.Br.) P.M.Br., Wild Orchids SouthW. U.S. 299 (2019).
Same citation as
Listera convallarioides f. trifolia P.M.Br., North Amer. Native Orchid J. 1(1): 11 (1995) (1995).