Alkanna matthioli Tausch

, Flora 7(1): 234 (1824). BHL
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Flora; oder, (allgemeine) botanische Zeitung. Regensburg, Jena
7(1): 234
Family as entered in IPNI


See Shenzhen Code Art. 11 Ex. 18: Tausch included two species in his new genus Alkanna: A. tinctoria Tausch (in Flora 7: 234. 1824), a new species based on “Anchusa tinctoria” in the sense of Linnaeus (Sp. Pl., ed. 2: 192. 1762), and A. matthioli Tausch (l.c. 1824), a replacement name based on Lithospermum tinctorium L. (Sp. Pl.: 132. 1753). Both names are legitimate and take priority from 1824.


Replaced synonym
Lithospermum tinctorium L., Sp. Pl. 1: 132 (1753).