Alain, (Brother) (1916-2009)

Standard Form
IPNI Identifier
Alternative Abbreviations
Alain From Meikle
Alternative Names
Liogier, Enrique Eugenio, Liogier de Sereys Allut, Henri Eugene, Liogier, A.H., Liogier de Sereys Allut, Enrique Eugenio, Liogier, Henri Alain
Area of Interest
Pteridophytes, Spermatophytes
Information Source
Letter from H.A. Liogier 12 May 1990, from D.H.Nicolson 14 Dec. 1987 from Barbara Parris' fern index. See also J. de J. Jimenez, Colectores de plantas de la Hispaniola: 108-111 (1985). J. Hoppe, Grandes Explorad. Tierras Española: 113-115 (2001) incl. portr. Obit. in Dallas Star-Telegram 11 November 2009. Obit. in Taxon, 59(2): 669-670 (2010) incl. portr.
Example of Name Published
Calyptranthes martorellii Alain in Phytologia 58(5): 326 (1985).
Cuba, Dominican Republic, United States, Puerto Rico