Hand-book to the Flora of Ceylon, Containing Descriptions of all the Species of Flowering Plants Indigenous to the Island, and Notes on Their History, Distribution, and Uses. London

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Handb. Fl. Ceylon
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
6 vols: 1, May 1893
2, Jun-Jul 1894
3, Aug 1895
¹4, Oct-Dec 1898
5, Feb-Mar 1900
6, 24 Mar 1931.¹pt. I. Ranunculaceae-Anacardiaceae. With plates¹I-XXV.--pt. II. Connaraceae-Rubiaceae. With plates¹XXVI-L. And index to pts. I and II.--pt. III.¹Valerianaceae-Balanophoraceae. With plates¹LI-LXXV.--pt. IV. Euphorbiaceae-Naiadeae. With¹plates LXXVI -C.--pt. V. Eriocauloneae-Gramineae.¹With maps I. & II., and indexes.--pt. VI. Supplement¹by A. H. G. Alston
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Authorship: vols. 1-3 by Trimen; 4-5 by J. D. Hooker; 6 (supplement) by¹A. H. G. Alston
Trimen, Henry
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