A Flora of California. Berkeley, London, San Francisco

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Fl. Calif. [Jepson]
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4 volumes, 1909-1979
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Description: 4 v. : ill.; issued in parts. Vol. 4, pt. 2 (Rubiaceae) authored by Lauramay T. Dempster. Imprint varies: [v. 1], pt. 4-5: San Francisco : H.S. Crocker Co.; [v. 1], pt. 6-7, v. 2, pt. 1-3, v. 3, pt. 1-2: Berkeley, Cal. : Associated Students Store, University of California; v. 4, pt. 2: Berkeley : Jepson Herbarium and Library, University of California. Internet Link: http://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/rarebook.html
Jepson, Willis Linn
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