Manual of Orchidaceous Plants Cultivated Under Glass in Great Britain. Chelsea, S.W.

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Man. Orchid. Pl. [H.J. Veitch]
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1887-1894 in 10 parts. Part 1 (Odontoglossum), Apr 1887
part 2 (Cattleya and Laelia), Nov 1887
part 3 (Dendrobium), May 1888
part 4 (Cypripedium), Jan 1889
part 5 (Masdevallia), Sep 1889
part 6 (Coelogyne, Epidendrum), Jun 1890
part 7 (Phalaenopsis, Aerides, Vanda), May 1891
part 8 (Oncidium and Miltonia), Apr 1892
part 9 (Cymbidium, Zygopetalum, Lycaste), Mar 1893
part 10 (General review of the Orchidaceae), Apr 1894
Facsimile edition, 1963; reprinted 1981. Parts 10, 5, 3, 6 and 2 are often bound as vol. 1, Epidendreae, 1887-1894; parts 9, 1, 8, 7, 4 as vol. 2, Vandeae-Cypripedieae, 1887-1894. Parts not in consecutive order, and may be un-numbered. Although the publication is listed in TL-2 under Henry James Veitch (1840-1924), there is a note that the text is by Adolphus Henry Kent with a reference to A.B. Rendle in J. Bot., 39: 40 (1901). The latter is a review of Veitch's Manual of Coniferae (1900) within which Rendle states Mr Kent has done excellent service in connection with the Manual of Orchidaceous Plants, for the subject-matter of which he was largely responsible. Also in a review of the whole work of 'Manual of Orchidaceous Plants' in J. Bot., 33: 60 (1895) J. Weathers states, The actual author of the work is, we believe, Mr Adolphus Kent,... and in a review of part 6 in J. Bot., 29: 346 (1891) John Weathers states, The manual is anonymous, but we believe Mr Adolphus H. Kent is its author, at any rate so far as the botanical portion is concerned. In conclusion, the authorship of plant names published in this work should be A.H.Kent. v. 1(9):; v. 1(10):
Veitch, Harry James
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