Collection des Orchidées le plus remarquables de l'Archipel Indien et du Japon

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Coll. Orchid.
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Parts 1-2, Jan--Oct 1858
parts 3-4, Late 1858 or early 1859
parts 5-6, late 1858 or early 1859
7-8, before Dec 1859, parts 9-10, before Dec 1859
parts 11-12, before Dec 1859
This is a republication, with minor changes, of the author's Florae Javae et Insularum Adjacentium Nova Series. vol. 1 (Orchideae); i.e., the half-title, frontispiece, title and dedication are different; the preface is a French translation of the Latin preface of the Fl. Javae Nov. Ser.
Blume, Carl Ludwig von
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