Posthumous papers bequeathed to the honorable the East India Company, and printed by order of the government of Bengal: Icones Plantarum Asiaticarum / by the late William Griffith ... arranged by John M'Clelland. Calcutta

Standard Form
Icon. Pl. Asiat.
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Vol. 1, pl. 1-62, 1847
vol. 2, pl. 63-138, 69a-f,¹75a-f, 118a, 1849
vol. 3, pl. 139-174, 243-359,¹161a-d, 272a, 283a, 313a, 338a, 3391, 351a, 351b,¹1851
vol. 4, pl. 360-661, 386a, 410a, 414[a],¹419a, 514[a], 517[1], 521[a], 585a, 634a, 644a, 1854
Library of Congress Number
Icones abbreviated 'Ic.' in TL2. Icones abbreviated 'Ic.' in TL2. Contents: Pt. I, Development of organs in phanærogamous plants; pt. 2, On the higher cryptogamous plants; pt.3, Monocotyledonous plants; pt. 4, Dicotyledonous plants. Internet Link:
Griffith, William
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