Posthumous papers bequeathed to the East India company, and printed by order of the government of Bengal: Notulæ ad Plantas Asiaticas / by the late William Griffith ... arranged by John M'Clelland. Calcutta

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Not. Pl. Asiat.
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Four volumes: 1, 1847
2, 1849
3, 1851
4, 1854
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Contents: v. 1, Development of organs in phanoerogamous plants. (1847. p. viii, 1-256); v. 2, On the higher cryptogamous plants. (1849. p. 257-628, vii+); v. 3, Monocotyledonous plants. (1851. p. 436, xii); v. 4, Dicotyledonous plants. (1854. p. xlii, 764). Internet Link:
Griffith, William
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