Intermountain Flora; vascular plants of the Intermountain West, U.S.A. New York

Standard Form
Intermount. Fl. [Cronquist et al.]
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
0231041209 (v. 6)
vol. 1: 1972
vol. 2A: 2012
vol. 2B: 2005
vol. 3A: 1997
vol. 3B: 1989
vol. 4: 1984
vol. 5: 1994
vol. 6: 1977.
Library of Congress Number
Incomplete contents: v. 1. Geological and botanical history of the region, its plant geography and a glossary. The vascular cryptogams and the gymnosperms. -- v. 2, pt. A Subclasses Magnoliidae-Caryophyllidae, pt. B. Subclass Dilleniidae -- v. 3, pt. A. Subclass Rosidae (exceept Fabales), pt. B. Fabales. -- v. 4. Subclass Asteridae (except Asteraceae). -- v. 5. Asterales. -- v. 6. The monocotyledons (publ. by Columbia Univ. Press)
Cronquist, Arthur John et al.