Notizie Naturali e Civili su la Lombardia. Milan (Italy)

Standard Form
Not. Nat. Civ. Lombardia
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Vol. 1, 1844
Infraspecies Rank: under 'Tabula comparativa' (p. 70), the rank 'sub-species' is listed. Description: pp. cxii, 491 +. Map, 3 plates, and other illustr; No more published. Notes: 'Flora' pp. 259-348 authored by V. Cesati, 1844, is published as an extract with separate pagination 'Saggio Su La Geografia Botanica E Su la Flora Della Lombardia' [Saggio Geogr. Bot. Fl. Lombardia]. Not. Nat. Civ. Lombardia, Vol. 1 is online via ; Saggio Geogr. Bot. Fl. Lombardia is online at
Cattaneo, Carlo