Index Horti Botanici Universitatis Hungaricae quae Pestini est

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Index Hort. Bot. Univ. Hung.
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ante 16 Sep 1788
Description: p. [i-viii], sign. A-G [p. 1-160], 25 pl. (nos. 1-4, 6-21, 23, 27, 47, 48 [49]). The use of nova as an epithet in many binomials is treated as invalid; see Shenzhen Code Art. 23 Ex. 15: “Atriplex “nova” (Winterl, Index Hort. Bot. Univ. Hung.: fol. A [8] recto et verso. 1788); the word “nova” (new) was here used in connection with four different species of Atriplex …” Internet Link:
Winterl, Jacob Joseph
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