Nuove Piante inedite del barone Ant.o Bivona Bernardi ... Palermo, Italy

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Nuove Piante
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TL-2 misspelled the term Piante as Pianti. Description: 23 p. Nuove piante inedite is based on an unfinished manuscript of Antonio Bivona Bernardi, published posthumously, in 1838, by his son Andrea. In conformity with the title page, the author of the text is the father. The son, acting as editor, is by inference the author of all footnotes. New names appearing in the text are not ascribed and are therefore authored by the father (Art. 46 Note 3). In some cases the manuscript had no description, but a validating description was added in a footnote. Such names are cited as, e.g., Amaranthus glaucus Biv., the father being the author, irrespective of the fact that he did not even see the description, provided posthumously by his son. [vide Werner Greuter (B)]
Bivona-Bernardi, Antonio
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