Flore de France: ou, Description des plantes qui croissent spontanément en France en Corse et en Alsace-Lorraine / par G. Rouy [et J. Foucaud]. Asnières (Seine)

Standard Form
Fl. France [Rouy & Foucaud]
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Vol. 1-14, 1893-1913
Tome 6-10 also contributed to by E.-G. Camus and t. 10 also by N. Boulay; Available online at: http://fig.lib.harvard.edu/fig/?bib=006886698; For explanation of the unorthodox system of infraspecific nomenclature used see Taxon 7(4): 89-93. 1958. Note that all names at rank of 'forme' should be changed to rank of proles, as clarified by Rouy within the work.
Rouy, Georges C. C. & Foucaud, J.
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