Enumeratio Plantarum Horti regii berolinensis: continens descriptiones omnium vegetabilium in horto dicto cultorum: Supplementum / Car. Lud. Willdenow; [foreword by v. Schlechtendal]. Berolini

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Enum. Pl. Suppl. [Willdenow]
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late 1813
Edited & Preface signed by: F. K. von Schlechtendal [Post mortem autoris editum]. Description: x, 70 p. Date of publication: Title pages shows: 1813. TL2 (7: 305, #17.664), which is aware of the title page date, accepts the date as Jul-Dec 1814. According to Hodvina (Hess. Florist. Briefe 57(3/4): 47-49. 2008), the suppl. was distributed before January 1, 1814.
Willdenow, Carl Ludwig von
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