Le Botaniste Cultivateur, . . . Paris

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Bot. Cult.
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ed. 1, vols. 1-5, 1802-1805
Available online: http://fig.lib.harvard.edu/fig/?bib=007185154 See: Mabberley, D.J. in Taxon 53(1): 187-192. 2004. 'The first edition of Le Botaniste Cultivateur was issued to comprise five volumes, the first four said to have been published 1-4 July 1802, the fifth, which is dedicated to Josephine, whose distribution of plants from Malmaison is acknowledged, in Aug-Sept 1805 (Stafleu & Cowan, 1976: 696). However, the second volume of the Kew copy is clearly dated 1801 and an IX (i.e., 23 Sep 1800-22 Sep 1801). Moreover, that volume seems to be made up of fascicles of differing paper quality, suggesting serial publication. There is clearly considerable bibliographical work to be done to settle the actual publication dates of the book.'
Dumont de Courset, George(s) Louis Marie
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