Magnolia × soulangeana Soul.-Bod.

, Relat. Fête Champêtre Soc. Linn. Paris 1826: 269 (1826).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Relation de la fête champêtre, célebrée par la Société Linnéenne de Paris. Paris
1826: 269
Date of Publication
24 May 1826
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Nomenclatural Notes

alt. bibl.: Not. Nouv. Magnolia 6. 1826 (as soulangiana)


Soulange-Bodin (p. 258), in his report on an annual celebration of Linnaeus's birth by the Société Linnéenne, indicated that the members of the society proposed the name Magnolia soulangiana to honor him; the report includes a description for the new species, but the species name is not ascribed to any member of the society; therefore, Soulange-Bodin is the author of the name


Basionym of
Magnolia obovata var. soulangeana (Soul.-Bod.) Ser., Fl. Jard. 3: 234 (1849).
Basionym of
Magnolia yulan var. soulangeana (Soul.-Bod.) Lindl., Bot. Reg. 14: 1164 (1828).
Basionym of
Magnolia conspicua var. soulangeana (Soul.-Bod.) Loudon, Arbor. Frutic. Brit. 1: 287 (1838).
Basionym of
Yulania × soulangeana (Soul.-Bod.) D.L.Fu, J. Wuhan Bot. Res. 19(3): 198 (2001).
Hybrid Parent
Magnolia denudata Desr., Encycl. [J. Lamarck & al.] 3(2): 675 (1792).
Hybrid Parent
Magnolia liliiflora Desr., Encycl. [J. Lamarck & al.] 3(2): 675 (1792).