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Caroli a Linné ... Systema vegetabilium: secundum classes, ordines, genera, species. Cum characteribus differentiis et synonymis. Editio nova, speciebus inde ab editione XV. Detectis aucta et locupletata. Stuttgardtiae
5: xiii, 221
Date of Publication
Dec 1819
Family as entered in IPNI

Type Information

Type Name
H. rigidus Willd.


p. xiii: at the end of the genus description, Reliqu, Willd. MS. ex Herb. Com. ab Hoffmannsegge is cited. P. 221 shows H. rigida Com. ab Hoffmannsegge. Reliqu. Willd. MS. It is construed here that Willdenow coined the names Himatanthus & H. rigidus, and provided a single description for both names (see Melbourne Code Art. 46.3 Ex. 12)