subfam. Apioideae Thorne

, Alpine Fl. New Guinea 4: 2994 (1983), isonym.
IPNI Identifier
Alpine Flora of New Guinea. Hirschberg
4: 2994
Family as entered in IPNI

Nomenclatural Notes

Status: isonym


Royen, who was not aware of the existence of Apiaceae subfam. Apioideae Seem. (1866), transferred “Apiaceae subfam. Apioideae Drude (1897)” to Araliaceae, treated the transfer as a new combination, and cited the authorship as “(Drude) Thorne”. He mentioned that the transfer was “over the name of Dr. R.F. Thorne”. A transfer of generic and infrafamilial names from one family to another family does not warrant change in the authorship. Author citation for such transferred names comprises only the author(s) of transferred names (cf., Shenzhen Code Art. 49.2)