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Bulletin de la Classe Physico-Mathematique de l'Academie Imperiale des Sciences de Saint-Pétersbourg. St. Petersburg
15: 133
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& Collection: 'Am mittlern und südlichen Amur in lichtem Nadel - und Laubwäldern, namentlich häufig in Pappelgehölzen. Ende Juni verblühend'


The article (pp. 120-144), titled “Die ersten botanischen Nachrichten über das Amurland,” contains the observations of Maximowicz and was edited by Ruprecht; they are considered as first and second authors, respectively; for the section of the article (pp. 123-144), titled Ueber die wichtigeren Baume und Straucher des Amurlandes, Maximowicz is cited as the author; several new taxa names are ascribed to ‘Maxim.’, a few names to ‘R.’, and several names are unascribed; many descriptions are ascribed to ‘R.’; the name Philadelphus tenuifolius is unascribed, and the description is by ‘R.’; Maximowicz and Ruprecht are accepted here as the authors of the name P. tenuifolius