Viola xanthopotamica J.M.Watson & A.R.Flores

, Int. Rock Gard. 115: 37, figs.22, 23, 44, 60, 64-68, 74, 76 (2019).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
International Rock Gardener
115: 37, figs.22, 23, 44, 60, 64-68, 74, 76
Date of Publication
Jul 2019
Family as entered in IPNI

Type Information

Collector Team
A.R. Flores & J.M. Watson F.& W. 11362
Chilecito Department, Sierra Famatina, both N and S sides of ford across river beside the road from Chilecito to Mina La Mejicana near Cerro Belgrano, alt. 1935-2020 m
Collection Date
8 Feb 2007
Type Herbaria
holotype GONC
isotype SGO
isotype Herb. Flores & Watson
29° 7' 26" S
67° 39' 50" W
Distribution Of Types
La Rioja (Argentina)

Nomenclatural Notes



Etymology: xanthopotamica is a combination of the Greek substantives xanthos - yellow, and potamos - river. The epithet connects the viola with the immediate surroundings of its type locality, where the narrow river it is situated beside passes through a dramatic yellow, mineral-stained, stratified rockscape which forms the immediate valley sides, and the water itself is the same conspicuous colour (english)