Crocodeilanthe dewildei Luer & Toscano

, Harvard Pap. Bot. 23(1): 47 (2018).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Harvard Papers in Botany. Cambridge, MA
23(1): 47
Date of Publication
30 Jun 2018
Family as entered in IPNI

Type Information

Collector Team Wilde 339
Risaralda: Santa Rosa de Cabal, Ucumarí, Regional Nature Reserve, 2250 m
Collection Date
10 Oct 1992
Type Herbaria
holotype MO
Distribution Of Types
Colombia (Western South America, Southern America)

Nomenclatural Notes



doi:10.3100/hpib.v23iss1.2018.n6 The specific epithet is named after José Ahrend de Wilde, who collected and cultivated this species.


Basionym of
Stelis dewildei (Luer & Toscano) Karremans, Phytotaxa 406(5): 265 (2019), nom. illeg.
Replaced synonym of
Stelis deuterodewildei J.M.H.Shaw, Orchid Rev. Suppl., 127(1326): 46 (2019).
Replaced synonym of
Stelis toscanoi Karremans, Lankesteriana 19(3): 289 (2019).