Thelypteris × inexspectata Fraser-Jenk.

, Taxon. Revis. Indian Subcontinental Pteridophytes 190 (-191) (2008).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Taxonomic revision of three hundred Indian subcontinental pteridophytes with a revised census-list : a new picture of fern taxonomy and nomenclature in the Indian subcontinent
190 (-191)
Date of Publication
27 Nov 2008
Family as entered in IPNI

Type Information

Collector Team
C.R.Fraser-Jenkins 32179
Beneath the village of Mongpong, c. 2 km E of Coronation (Tiger) Bridge across the Teesta Khola (river), c. 6 km E of Sevoke on main road E from Siliguri to Birpara and Assam, E side of lower Teesta Valley
Collection Date
7 Jul 2006
Type Herbaria
holotype TAIF
Distribution Of Types
West Bengal (India, Indian Subcontinent, Asia-Tropical)
Type Remarks
ex hort. CRFJ


Basionym of
Cyclosorus × inexspectatus (Fraser-Jenk.) Mazumdar, Ann. Bot. Fenn. 50(6): 399 (2013).
Hybrid Parent
Thelypteris evoluta (C.B.Clarke) Tagawa & K.Iwats., Acta Phytotax. Geobot. 22(4-6): 101 (1967).
Hybrid Parent
Thelypteris dentata (Forssk.) E.P.St.John, Amer. Fern J. 26(2): 44 (1936).