Agropyron arizonicum Scribn. & J.G.Sm.

, Bull. Div. Agrostol. U.S.D.A. 4: 27 (-28) (1897).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Bulletin, Division of Agrostology, United States Department of Agriculture. Washington DC.
4: 27 (-28)
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s.w. U. S., United States of America (Northern America)


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Elymus arizonicus (Scribn. & J.G.Sm.) Gould, MadroƱo 9: 125 (1947).
Nomenclatural link
Elytrigia arizonica (Scribn. & J.G.Sm.) D.R.Dewey, Brittonia 35: 31 (1983).
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Agropyron spicatum var. arizonicum (Scribn. & J.G.Sm.) M.E.Jones
Same citation as
Agropyron arizonicum Scribn. & J.G.Sm., Bull. Div. Agrostol. U.S.D.A. iv. 27. (1897).