Eranthis bulgarica Stef.

, Izv. Bot. Inst. (Sofia) 11: 155 (1963).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Izvestiya na Botaniceskiya Institut. Bulletin de l'Institut Botanique
11: 155
Family as entered in IPNI

Type Information

Distribution Of Types
Bulgaria (Southeastern Europe, Europe)

Original Data

E. hyemalis var. bulgarica


“Eranthis hyemalis Salisb. var. bulgarica Stef.” (in Izv. Tsarsk. Prir. Inst. Sofiya 14: 317. 1941) was not validly published (Latin description/diagnosis lacking). Stefanov (1941) cited a single gathering (“Bulgaria, Vrashka Chuka on the ridge near Kula near border with Serbia, elev. 690 m. in flower. Tsvetan Hristov s.n. 22 March 1940”). For his E. bulgarica, Stefanov (1963) provided a Latin description and made a direct reference to his 1941 publication. Although he (1963) did not cite a type, his reference to the 1941 publication satisfies the requirement of the Shenzhen Code Art. 40.1 and 40.3, and the name E. bulgarica was validly published as the name of a new species.


Validation of
Eranthis hyemalis var. bulgarica Stef., Izv. Tsarsk. Prir. Inst. Sofiya 14: 317 (1941), nom. inval.