Salix triandra subsp. discolor Arcang.

, Comp. Fl. Ital. [Arcangeli] 626 (1882). BHL
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Species Name
Salix triandra L., Sp. Pl. 2: 1016 (1753).
Compendio della Flora Italiana: ossia manuale per la determinazione delle piante che trovansi selvatiche od inselvatichite nell'Italia e nelle Isole Adiacenti. Torino
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Reference to the basionym indirect; Arcangeli referred to S. amygdalina var. discolor W. D. J. Koch (1837) which is an invalidly published name as there is an intended autonym, Salix amygdalina L.,included, see Art. 26.2 (ICN, 2018) . However, there is a Latin description provided


Salix amygdalina var. discolor Wimm. & Grab., Fl. Siles. 2(cl. xvi-xxii): 362 (1829), nom. illeg.
Same citation as
Salix triandra subsp. discolor (Wimm. & Grab.) Arcang., Compendium della Flora Italiana ossia manuale ... (1882).
Hybrid Parent of
Salix × multidentata T.E.Díaz & Llamas, Acta Bot. Malac. 12: 134 (1987).
Hybrid Parent of
Salix × rijosa Rivas Mart., T.E.Díaz, Fern.Prieto, Loidi & Penas, Acta Bot. Malac. 12: 134 (1987).