Poeppigia Bertero ex Férussac

, Bull. Sci. Nat. Geol. 23: 109 (1830), nom. inval.
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Bulletin des Sciences Naturelles et de Geologie. Deuxieme Section du Bulletin Universei des Sciences et de l'Industrie. Paris
23: 109
Family as entered in IPNI

Nomenclatural Notes

Status: nom. inval. nom. subnud. Protologue's French text translated: The Arrayan Macho or Espinillo is an average tree of the Bignoniaceae family, but has fleshy fruits; I first (mis)took it for a Canthium, but I thereafter realized that it's not the same genus and named it as Poppigia of Chile.


On the placement of this genus in Verbenaceae, see: Hook. & Arn. Bot. Beechey Voy. [pt. 2]: 58. 1832.