Pleuradena coccinea Raf.

, Atlantic J. 1(6): 182 (1833).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Atlantic Journal, and Friend of Knowledge. Philadelphia, PA
1(6): 182
Date of Publication
summer 1833
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Lack Willdenowia 41: 307. 2011
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Distribution Of Types
Mexico (Northern America)
Type Specimen Note
Neotype: Curtis Bot. Mag. t. 3493. 1836.


Raf. proposed P. coccinea Raf., Euphorbia coccinea Raf. & E. poinsettii Raf. as alternative names.


Nomenclatural link
Euphorbia poinsettii Raf., Atlantic J. 1(6): 182 (1833).
Nomenclatural link
Euphorbia coccinea Raf., Atlantic J. 1(6): 182 (1833), nom. illeg.