Chondrosum eriopodum Torr.

, Notes Milit. Reconn. [Emory] 153 (1848).
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Notes of a Military Reconnoissance, from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California, including Part of Arkansas, de Norte, and Gila Rivers. By Lieut. Col. W. H. Emory. Made in 1846-7, with the Advance Guard of the Army of the West. Washington, D.C.
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Along the Del Norte, and in the region between that ruver and the waters of the Gila, New Mexico (South-Central U.S.A., Northern America)


as Chondrosium eriopodum


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Bouteloua eriopoda (Torr.) Torr., Pacif. Railr. Rep. 4(5, no. 4) [Whipple]. 155 (1857).
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Chondrosum eriopodum Torr., in Emory, Notes Mil. Reconnois. 153.