Rafflesia R.Br. ex Thomson bis

, Ann. Philos. Mag. Chem. 16(3): 225 (1820).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Annals of philosophy, or magazine of chemistry, mineralogy, mechanics, natural history, agriculture, and the arts. London.
16(3): 225
Date of Publication
Sep 1820
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Type Information

Type Name
R. arnoldii R. Brown 1821 ('arnoldi')


David Mabberley (in Blumea 44(2): 343. 1 Oct 1999) mentioned that “S.F. Gray validated the generic name, Rafflesia, in his report of the June meeting” (in Ann. Philos. Mag. Chem. 16: 225. Sep 1820). However, there is no internal evidence that S.F. Gray authored the article, titled “Proceedings of the Linnaean Society, June 6, and 30” (on pp. 225—226). In the preceding article, the genus name is ascribed to Robert Brown (as “A paper, by Mr. Brown, on a new Genus of Plants called Rafflesia, was read”), and a genus description was given by an anonymous author. Thomas Thomson was cited as the editor of the journal. Therefore, the genus name authorship is construed as: R.Br. ex Thomson [In a pers. comm. (dt. 21 Mar 2017), Mabberley agreed on the genus name authorship]


Rafflesia R.Br., Trans. Linn. Soc. London 13: 207 (1821), isonym.
Same citation as
Rafflesia R.Br. ex Thomson bis, Ann. Philos. Mag. Chem. 16: 225 (1820).