Lycaste cobbiana B.S.Williams

, Orch.-Grow. Man., ed. 6. 376 (1885).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Orchid-Growers Manual Containing a Brief Description of Upwards of Two Hundred and Sixty Orchidaceous Plants Together with Notices of their Times of Flowering and Most Approved Modes of Treatment. Edition 6. London
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Type Information

Distribution Of Types
Range: Ecuador, Peru
Type Specimen Note
Painting of L. cobbiana by John Day, 24 Sep 1883 at K, scrapbook 38: t. 61


Basionym of
Sudamerlycaste cobbiana (B.S.Williams) Archila, Revista Guatemalensis 5(3): 79 (2002).
Nomenclatural link
Ida cobbiana (B.S.Williams) A.Ryan & Oakeley, Orchid Digest 67(1): 24 (2003).
Same citation as
Lycaste cobbiana B.S.Williams, Orchid. Grower's Manuel. ed. 6 376 (1885).