Hypolytrum bahiense M.Alves & W.W.Thomas

, Brittonia 54(2): 126 (-129; fig. 2) (2002).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Brittonia; a Series of Botanical Papers. New York, NY
54(2): 126 (-129; fig. 2)
Date of Publication
25 Jul 2002
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Type Information

Collector Team
W.W.Thomas, S.C.Sant'Ana, J.G.Jardim, F.Junchum 12183
Type Herbaria
holotype CEPEC
isotype K
isotype NY
isotype SP
isotype UFP
Distribution Of Types
Mun. Itacaré, 1.2 km W of rd. from Serra Grande to Itacaré, 24 km W of Serra Grande on rd. to loteamento Marambaia, 14°20'S, 39°2'W, Bahia (Brazil, Southern America)


Same citation as
Hypolytrum bahiense M.Alves & W.W.Thomas, Brittonia 54(2): 126 (2002) (2002).