Ferraria pavonia L.f.

, Suppl. Pl. 407 (1782).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Supplementum Plantarum Systematis Vegetabilium Editionis Decimae Tertiae, Generum Plantarum Editiones Sextae, et Specierum Plantarum Editionis Secundae. Editum a Carolo a Linné. Brunsvigae [Braunschweig]
Date of Publication
1781 publ. Apr 1782
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Type Information

Collector Team
C.G.Pringle 6618
Type Herbaria
isotype BM
isotype F
isotype G
isotype GH
isotype MO
isotype MSC
isotype P
isotype VT
neotype US
Distribution Of Types
Valley near Tula, 6800 ft, Hidalgo (Mexico, Northern America)


Basionym of
Tigridia pavonia (L.f.) DC., Liliac. [Redouté] 1: t. 6 (1802).
Basionym of
Moraea pavonia (L.f.) Thunb., Moraea [Thunberg] 14 (1787).
Basionym of
Tigridia pavonia (L.f.) Ker Gawl., Ann. Bot. [König & Sims]. 1(2): 246 (1804).
Basionym of
Tigridia pavonia (L.f.) Redouté, Liliac. [Redouté] 1: t. 6 (1802).
Same citation as
Ferraria pavonia L.f., Suppl. Pl. 407 (1782).