Bromus unioloides Kunth

, Nov. Gen. Sp. [H.B.K.] 1: 151 (1816).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Nova Genera et Species Plantarum
1: 151
Family as entered in IPNI

Type Information

Collector Team
A.J.A.Bonpland,F.W.H.A.Humboldt 2286
Type Herbaria
holotype P
Distribution Of Types
Pichincha (Ecuador, Western South America, Southern America)


[Gandhi 30 Apr 1998] Although B. unioloides Kunth and¹Festuca unioloides Willd. 1803 are believed to represent one¹taxon, they are based on 2 different types; see Peterson and¹Planchuelo, Novon 8: 56. 1998.


Nomenclatural link
Schedonorus unioloides (Kunth) Roem. & Schult., Syst. Veg., ed. 15 bis [Roemer & Schultes] 2: 709 (1817).
Nomenclatural link
Zerna unioloides (Kunth) Lindm., Sv. Fanerogamfl. 101 (1918).
Same citation as
Bromus unioloides Kunth, Nov. Gen. Sp. [H.B.K.] 1: 151 (1816).