Sarracenia oreophila Wherry

, Bartonia 15: 8 (7; t. 1 (figs. 2-3); fig. 1) (1933).
IPNI Identifier
Bartonia; a Botanical Annual. Proceedings of the Philadelphia Botanical Club
15: 8 (7; t. 1 (figs. 2-3); fig. 1)
Family as entered in IPNI

Type Information

Little River, Lookout Mt., Valley Head
Collection Date
22 May 1899
Type Herbaria
holotype US
Distribution Of Types
De Kalb County (Alabama, Southeastern U.S.A., Northern America)


For S. oreophila, Wherry provided a validating description and referred to S. flava var. oreophila Kearney (in Science 12: 833. 1900, nom. nud.) as a synonym; he cited the authorship as (Kearney) Wherry (a correctable error).