Catharanthus G.Don

, Gen. Hist. 4(1): 95 (1837).
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A General History of the Dichlamydeous Plants: comprising complete descriptions of the different orders; together with the characters of the genera and species, and an enumeration of the cultivated varieties ... the scientific names accentuated, their etymologies explained, and the classes and orders illustrated by engravings, and preceded by introductions to the Linnaean and natural systems, and a glossary of the terms used ... London
4(1): 95
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Type Information

Type Name
Designated Type: C. roseus (L.) G.Don (Vinca rosea L.)
Chosen By
Pfeiff. Nomencl. Bot. [Pfeiff.] 1: 627. 1873


Etymology: Greek katharos, pure, and anthos, a flower; in reference to the neatness and beauty of the flowers (vide G. Don)


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Lochnera Rchb. ex Endl., Gen. Pl. [Endlicher] pt. 8: 583 (1838).
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Ammocallis Small, Fl. S.E. U.S. [Small]. 935, 1336 (1903).
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Catharanthus G.Don, A General History of Dichlamydeous Plants 4 (1837).