Rostraria Trin.

, Fund. Agrost. (Trinius) 149 (1820).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Fundamenta Agrostographiae, sive Theoria contructionis floris graminei; adjecta synopsi generum graminum hucusque cognitorum. Viennae
Family as entered in IPNI

Type Information

Type Name
Designated Type: R. pubescens Trin., nom. illeg. (Bromus dactyloides Roth)
Chosen By
Pfeiff. Nomencl. Bot. [Pfeiff.] 2: 991. 1874 [27 Feb 1874]


Shenzhen Code Art. 7 Ex. 17: Pfeiffer (Nomencl. Bot. 1: [Praefatio, p. 2]. 1871) explained that he cited species names only when he intended to indicate the type of names of genera and sections: “Species plantarum in libro meo omnino negliguntur, excepta indicatione illarum, quae typum generis novi aut novo modo circumscripti vel sectionis offerunt. [Species of plants are entirely disregarded in my book, except for the indication of those that are presented as the type of a new or re-circumscribed genus or of a section.]” This explanation includes the term type, and the citation of a species name has therefore been accepted as designation of a type.”