Aquilegia pauciflora Greene

, Leafl. Bot. Observ. Crit. 1: 76 (1904).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Leaflets of Botanical Observation and Criticism. Washington, DC
1: 76
Family as entered in IPNI

Type Information

Collector Team
J. D. Culbertson s.n.[= C. F. Baker’s no. 4460]
Hockett’s [Hackett’s in protologue] Meadow, Sierra Nevada
Type Herbaria
holotype ND-G?
isotype NY
Distribution Of Types
Tulare County (California, Southwestern U.S.A., Northern America)


Basionym of
Aquilegia formosa var. pauciflora (Greene) Abrams, Ill. Fl. Pacific States 2: 180 (1944).
Basionym of
Aquilegia formosa subsp. pauciflora (Greene) Payson, Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 20(4): 144 (1918).
Basionym of
Aquilegia formosa var. pauciflora (Greene) Boothman, Gard. Chron. ser. 3, 95: 281 (1934).
Nomenclatural link
Aquilegia formosa subsp. pauciflora (Greene) Payson
Nomenclatural link
Aquilegia truncata var. pauciflora (Greene) Jeps., Fl. Calif. [Jepson] 1: 517 (1915).
Same citation as
Aquilegia pauciflora Greene, Leafl. Bot. Observ. Crit. 1(2): 76 (1904).