Antennaria howellii Greene

, Pittonia 3(16): 174 (1897).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Pittonia; a Series of Papers Relating to Botany and Botanists. Berkeley, CA
3(16): 174
Date of Publication
19 May 1897
Family as entered in IPNI

Type Information

Collector Team
Howell s.n
Type Herbaria
lectotype ND-G
Distribution Of Types
Oregon (Northwestern U.S.A., Northern America)


Nomenclatural link
Antennaria neglecta subsp. howellii (Greene) Hultén, Ark. Bot. (n.s.) 7(1): 136 (1968).
Nomenclatural link
Antennaria neglecta var. howellii (Greene) Cronquist, Leafl. W. Bot. 6: 43 (1950).
Nomenclatural link
Antennaria neodioica subsp. howellii (Greene) R.J.Bayer, Syst. Bot. 9: 81 (1984).
Same citation as
Antennaria howellii Greene, Pittonia 3(16): 174 (1897).