Callitris cupressiformis F.Muell.

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See A.A.Bullock, Taxon 6 (Oct. 1957) 228. Given as a nom. nud. by G.Heynhold, Nom. Bot. 1 (1840) 148. Index Kewensis gives Ventenat in Decad. 10, but the name is not given therein - corrected to Endlicher in Syn. Conif. 36, in syn. in Suppl. 1a and to the above in Suppl. 12. Also given as a nomen by F.Mueller, Essay on the plants collected by E. Fitzalan during Lieut. Smith's Expedition to the Estuary of the Burdekin (1860) 19.


Duplicate citation of
Callitris cupressiformis F.Muell., Key Syst. Vict. Pl. i. 402 (1888), in clavi.