Frasera macrophylla Greene

, Pittonia 4(23): 186 (1900).
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Pittonia; a Series of Papers Relating to Botany and Botanists. Berkeley, CA
4(23): 186
Date of Publication
8 Dec 1900
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Type Information

Distribution Of Types
Colorado (Northwestern U.S.A., Northern America)


Nomenclatural link
Swertia radiata var. macrophylla (Greene) H.St.John, Amer. Midl. Naturalist 26: 11 (1941).
Nomenclatural link
Tesseranthium macrophyllum Rydb., Fl. Rocky Mts. 666, 1065 (1917).
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Tesseranthium macrophyllum (Greene) Rydb.
Same citation as
Frasera macrophylla Greene, Pittonia 4(23): 186 (1900).