Simonkai, Lajos (1851-1910)

Standard Form
IPNI Identifier
Alternative Abbreviations
Simonk. From TL2
Simonkai From Meikle
Alternative Names
Simonkai, Ludovico, Simk., , Simkovics, Ludwig Philipp
Area of Interest
Spermatophytes, Bryophytes
Information Source
Missouri Bryological List. Barnhart, Biogr. Notes upon Botanists (1965). Obit. in Magyar. Bot. Lapok, 9: 2-34 (1910), incl. portr. & bibliogr.(p. 2-13 Hungarian; p.13-25 German; p. 26-34 bibliogr.). Also, Bot. Kozl., 9(6): 251-255 (1910) incl. portr and list of names, German translation p.(53)-(56).
Example of Name Published
Ononis spinosiformis Simonk. in Oesterr. Bot. Z. 27: 158. (1877).. Carex turuli Simonk. in Magyar Bot. Lapok 3: 82, 87.(1904)
Name Notes
né Simkovics